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E-mail: info@marichem-marigases.com

Our Environmental Concerns

For almost half a century, MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services has been at the forefront of promoting environmental consciousness within the chemical industry, our main concerns start from the manufacturing process of the products and their handling, through to the final disposal of their byproducts. Over the years, our experience and knowledge has fully satisfied our customers around the world, while research and development of new products are continuingly being accomplished in order to meet the norms and changing standards of the international community. Our aim is to surpass the specified regulations and advance to the next generation of innovative products linked to new chemical technology features, new application needs and maximum environmental safety. The way we conduct our business embodies our commitment to promote a safe and healthy work place by protecting human health and the environment. Our environmental concerns are not only reflected in our products, themselves, but also on how we continue their manufacture and handling. We pay strict attention to the environmental restiveness of our employees, as we strongly believe that the ecological consciousness has to be embodied, not only in our products, but also in the way we handle their manufacture; this includes, the raw materials, their installations and the products' handling and manipulation.

Operating Environmentally

We, at MARICHEM MARIGASES, know that all environmentally sound operations make us even more competitive in the global marketplace as we encourage technology innovation, safety, conformity,pollution prevention, community outreach, advocacy and response to values and environmental standards. We look for ways to limit our use of and impacts on natural resources and encourage customers to use our products in a more efficient way. Hence, we contribute to meeting the marine industry needs whilst we decrease our total environmental footprint.