Our company

Marichem Marigases is a leading company in the international marine chemicals and gases industry, manufacturing and providing high quality marine chemicals, coatings, chemical equipment, gases and refrigerants, cutting and welding machinery, accessories and equipment, fire-rescue and safety services to the shipping industry. We offer a variety of products at more than 2,100 ports, supplied by a distribution network of 196 stock points, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The efficient operation of our network is backed up by decades of experience from dedicated marine experts, operating according to ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001, ensuring Marichem Marigases' commitment to environmental responsibility, quality management, product efficiency, high - standard services and safety to its customers.

We are totally committed to responding to the ever-growing needs of the international fleet and foreseeing its future requirements. Whether it is meeting the constantly rising expectations in quality, efficiency and flexibility or satisfying the demands placed by environmental legislation and strict seaworthiness, our group is up to the challenge. Our unique products and services provide optimum performance, prompt, efficient and reliable results, making Marichem Marigases your ideal partner for successful shipping.

Customers First

Marichem Marigases has steadily and faithfully observed a people-centered philosophy, with consistency, work ethic and respect towards the vessel, her crew, her operator and the environment. At the same time, our group is famous for its prompt and efficient services, which are considered to be one of our assets.

The corporate philosophy is purely customer-centered, as we exist both thanks to and for the customer. We understand that responsibility does not end with delivery. Service after sale is a priority for us. Long recognized for the technical excellence of our products, we strive to exceed expectations by seizing opportunities and pursuing new ways to match ultimate performance with cost-effectiveness.

We are in constant pursuit of methods to add value to our customers' business.

Our specialists in trade, research and development, production, risk management, supply and distribution are always ready to render premium services to our customers, by engaging their passion and skills on our everyday business.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is of primary importance for our company. Being aware of the impact our activities have on our staff, our business associates and the public helps us focus on contributing positively to all societal aspects; environmental, economic and social. We have created social responsibility programs through which we boost environmental consciousness, reinforce ethical behaviour in and out of the workplace and cater for the general social welfare.


We have always been at the forefront of promoting environmental consciousness within the chemical industry, throughout all stages of production, starting from the raw materials, the manufacturing process of the products and their handling, through to the final disposal of their byproducts. Our aim is not only to achieve conformity, but rather to surpass the specified environmental regulations by advancing to the next generation of innovative products and applications, with minimum impact on the environment. We are totally committed to raising ecological awareness throughout our business, as we believe we all play an active role in creating a sustainable future for our society and the environment.

Ethical Behaviour

We are committed to act professionally and work responsibly and ethically at all times within our workplace. We encourage successful teamwork among our employees and effective interpersonal communication with professionals of other companies to promote potential business partnerships. We evaluate professional performance based on the working skills and productivity of our staff and make sure they are treated with respect regardless of gender, social background, race, religion or their position in the company. Unethical behaviours such as verbal or sexual harassment, violence, abuse, corrupt or foul practices are blatantly censurable and if occurred, swiftly disciplined.


As links in the social chain, we believe that by contributing to philanthropic projects, we only forge stronger ties among the members of society and elongate social sustainability. Over the years, our company has engaged in donations to several charity organizations that address important social problems on an annual basis, while at the same time we are always ready to contribute further in unforeseeable emergency cases.


We actively promote the participation of our employees and business partners to social activities of a volunteering nature. Being highly sensitive to serious matters of our local and global community, we are strongly present to events organised for causes relating to health promotion, protection against environmental pollution and public service.



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