In response to the increasing need for greener and sustainable shipping operations, Marichem Marigases is developing new, innovative chemical products to fulfill the latest requirements imposed by the international environmental regulations.
Our Research and Development Department, in coordination with our Regulatory Affairs division, have already set detailed guidelines for our manufacturing plants, regarding the adaptation of our production line as per IMO targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission cuts for 2030.
As a revolutionary company in product development, we are always at the forefront of promoting environmental consciousness to all our business segments, throughout all stages of production, starting from the raw materials, the manufacturing process of the products and their handling, through to the final disposal of their byproducts.
We are in constant search of ways to minimise our use of and impact on natural resources and encourage our customers to use our products in a more eco-friendly way, demonstrating our professional readiness successfully, as we have already done with IMO 2020 Sulphur cap milestone and any other targets set by Marpol and the international environmental legislation.

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