Marichem Ultrasonic cleaners (MUC) effectively remove dirt, oils, lubricants, carbon and other contaminants that build up on various machine parts, engines and components. They are the ideal solution for the cleaning of metal parts, surfaces and layers that are hard to reach or clean by hand, saving the time the crew would spend on assembling – disassembling complex parts and reducing the cost of chemical consumption to the bare essentials. Moreover, the use of water-based solutions during operation, ensures the mildest possible effect on the environment.

We have produced several models of ultrasonic cleaners to suit your fleet’s needs and ensure efficiency and longevity of your marine equipment. For further information, please feel free to contact your local representative or email us at mail@marichem-marigases.com


  • MUC-60 > Order no: 710315
  • MUC-77 > Order no: 710770
  • MUC-100 > Order no: 710316 / 230
  • MUC-160 > Order no: 710318 / 230
  • MUC-200 > Order no: 710319
  • MUC-300 > Order no: 710322 / 230
  • MUC-350 > Order no: 710324 / 230
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