As leaders in the marine chemicals and gases industry, we always stay up to date with the latest regulations in the maritime industry.
Nowadays, a big challenge for ship operators is the increased Iron (Fe) concentration in cylinder drain oil in the two-stroke marine diesel engines.

For effective management of cylinder lubricants, we have formulated an innovative digital test called COLD CORROSION TEST KIT, which enables easy, on-board trend monitoring of the degree of Iron concentration.

This way, users and engineers are provided with quick and precise test results, through optimized semi-automatic test procedures, automatic electronic analysis of cylinder drain oil samples and direct digital display of iron amount.

If COLD CORROSION TEST KIT is used in combination with TBN TEST KIT or COMBINED TEST KIT, proper lubrication of cylinder components is ensured, which in turn promises ultimate engine performance.

For more information, you may contact your local sales representative or email us at contact@marichem-marigases.com


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