F.O.T. ULS is a new generation fuel additive which improves the lubricity of all Ultra Low Sulphur Marine Fuel Oils. This combination of solvents, lubricity additives and corrosion inhibitors is the only solution for such type of fuels. Thanks to its concentrated nature, F.O.T.  ULS is highly cost-effective due to the very low dosages needed during operations.

Emission concerns have led to the application of new regulations in Marine Fuel Oils. By 2020, the Global Sulphur limit should be reduced to 0.5%. Due to the increased costs and worries in terms of Low Sulphur marine fuels availability, vessel operators are obliged to reduce emissions under International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.

Reduction in the level of Sulphur compounds in the Marine Fuel Oil can further reduce the ability of the oil to lubricate the injection system of the engine, caus­ing the fuel injection pump to seize. Lower lubric­ity can significantly increase wear of fuel pumps, valves and injector nozzles over an extended period of use.

F.O.T. - ULS provides superior lubricity properties to the Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oils in order to avoid these eventualities and it also prevents prob­lems associated with the accumulations of injec­tion deposits.



  • Provides superior lubricity properties to the Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oils
  • Prevents wear on contacting metal surfaces and their seizure
  • Reduces significantly injector deposits
  • Protects fuel systems against corrosion
  • Is not separated in the fuel tank
  • Gives satisfactory results well below standard EC limit of 460 μm, as proven by HFRR test per­formed according to ISO 12156-1 standard test method
  • Contains only harmless substances
  • Does not contain chlorinated solvents
  • Suitable for normal low Sulphur Fuel Oils
  • Easily dispersed into the fuel
  • Cost-effective due to the very low dosages needed thanks to its concentrated nature
  • Easy to apply and use in the fuel oil with excel­lent results
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