FUELFLOW PPR (Pour Point Reducer) is a highly concentrated fuel oil additive specifically designed to reduce/depress the Pour Point (the temperature at which a fuel becomes solid) and prevent the formation of wax structures.

In the case of marine distillate fuels, a notable move toward fuels with higher wax contents has been recorded and this leads to deteriorating cold temperature operability.

Taking into consideration that more and more ships are sailing through polar waters and new hybrid and ultra/ very low sulphur distillate fuels are becoming available in the market, there is an increased risk of wax formation, which in turn could make the fuel unpumpable.

As the temperature in the fuel decreases, the molecules of paraffin tend to come together, forming large structures which degrade the flow characteristics of the fuel.

Modification of the crystallization of the wax is necessary to maintain the fuel at a liquid condition and avoid solidification in extreme conditions.

FUELFLOW PPR is suitable for all distillate fuels and offers no paraffin crystallization at very low temperatures/arctic waters. When using FUELFLOW PPR, the fuel remains liquid and easy to handle/pump.

FUELFLOW PPR has been tested by independent laboratories and has demonstrated a reduction pour point and cold filter plugging point (CFPP), by an average of 21°C and 11°C respectively.


  • Pour point reducer/depressant
  • Prevents the formation of wax structures
  • Suitable for all distillate fuels
  • No paraffin crystallization at very low temperatures/arctic waters
  • Reduces the risk of fuel waxing and solidification
  • Fuel remains liquid and easy to handle/pump
  • Cost-effective due to the low dosages needed during operations
  • Easy to handle and use, as it is available in 25L pails
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