Marichem Marigases has formulated revolutionary Fuel Additives that improve engine reliability and performance, reinforce fuel economy, reduce maintenance costs and meet the current IMO requirements regarding emission reduction targets. Our innovative range of highly concentrated products has been specifically designed to improve combustion, help with the homogenisation of different fuels, reduce heavy metal content, improve lubricity and reduce pour point. All products of the series are easy to dose, use and store and are available in 25ltr pails. For further information, please feel free to contact your local representative or email us at mail@marichem-marigases.com

  • F.O.T. NEW GENERATION > Lower dosage requirements – Higher cost efficiency
  • F.O.T. ULS > Compliance with the latest IMO environmental regulations
  • FUELFLOW PPR > Reduction of the pour point of fuel and cold filter plugging point
  • F.O.T. 10 NEW GENERATION > Reduction of acidic gas emissions into the environment
  • F.O.T. C - 100 NEW GENERATION > Increased fuel energy efficiency & reduced combustion deposits


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